Sunday, February 9, 2014

Stamp Workshop

My daughter had a stamping workshop today.  We made two cards of each design.  Good thing.  My stash of cards was getting thin.
This card was made using Circle Thinlits, various punches and Another Great Year stamp set.  Love the color combination and paper designs.
Here are the two cards I made.  We used a paper stack called Fresh Prints.  You get 48 sheets in the pack of 4x6" so it's great for making cards.

This was the second card.  We used stamp sets and a punch from Sale-a-Bration.  Stamp sets, Banner Blast and See Ya Later and the punch is called Banner.
This last card was made using the cloud embossing folder for the background, Sweet Sorbet designer series paper and Summer Sun cardstock.  The stamp set is the same See Ya Later used above.

Love these designs.  They were copied from various cards on Pinterest.

Craft Space Redo

I've been so busy and have been taking pictures of projects but just haven't sat down (empty handed) to post them on my blog.  "Empty handed" because after work, I am usually holding little Emily for a while.  Gotta have priorities, right?
A few weeks ago, I redid my spare bedroom that is now my bedroom until my hubby comes back from Turkey.  I packed all the 'stuff' sitting around the room and piled it on the bed.  I took down the small 4' table you can see in the left of the photo and got started.
I got me some handy-dandy tools and put a desk together from Ikea.  (Yes, I made another "couple" of trips there!)  lol
I put together this end unit for one side of the desk.  I already had a drawer unit I was using under the 4' table for the other side.
I had three kitchen rails up for punches.  Yup, these are my punches.  I put up more rails and a couple of DVD racks for stamp sets.  I'm telling you, if I didn't have hobbies, I'd have million dollar purses or shoes or something else that I would spend my money on.  Maybe a mansion.  I wouldn't save it so I might as well spend it on something.  And now that I'll be retired in a few weeks, I hope I'll have more time to spend playing with these toys!
I keep my Stampin' Up! ribbon separate from my craft store ribbon because it matches my inks and markers.  It makes it easier to coordinate my projects.
Here is the desk put together.  It comes with a leg for the center of the table but I purchased an extra one for more support.  I drilled new holes so I could add one to the front and back.  I figured if I'm pressing down stamping, I don't want the table to give and this is working great.

This is working out really good so far.  I have room to use my Cricut or Sillouette or room for stamping, computer work, etc.  So far, two thumbs up.

I still have some sorting to do.  I need to sort through my ribbons, wooden stamp sets, etc., etc.  I swear, it's an unending job.  If I keep bringing it in, I guess I better get some out too!

Monday, January 13, 2014

Trying to juggle...

So many of us are trying to start the year out by finishing some UFO's.  This is my goal too.  I made a list of 15 that I will work on from now til July.  My first one is from a swap, Delectable Mountains, a Bonnie Hunter pattern.  We made blocks out of 30's.  Easy enough.  I got stumped because I didn't know how to quilt it.  Well, yesterday I got it sandwiched.  I have decided (thanks to my daughter Stephanie) to stitch in the ditch straight lines following the seams.  Tonight I was too pooped from work but hope to make some headway this week in the evenings after work.

My in-between-quilting-project will be my Celtic Solstice blocks. I'm only on clue #2, the chevrons.  I am sitting tonight and marking the diagonal squares.  Mondays seem to hit me hard nowadays.  lol

This is such a big undertaking but I am encouraged by all the Bonnie Hunter quilts I have seen over the years.  Even if it takes people a while to get it done, they do finish.  I can too!

So here's where the quilt is.....waiting for me, but not tonight.  Sooo sleepy...
:o)  I can't even blame it on the weather.  It's in the 80's!  lol

Saturday, January 4, 2014

Clue #1...done!

I finished clue #1 of Bonnie Hunter's Celtic Solstice mystery.  (You can click on the little green bear on the right to go to her website.)  I had done the blue and orange tri rec blocks after Christmas and just last night finished the blue and white ones.  92 and 96! 

I have always loved the 54-40 block and am so excited the tri recs ruler makes it so easy.  This was a great purchase and I'm sure I'll use it again.

I was using some scrap triangles as leaders and enders.  These were left over from my Grandbaby Emily's quilt.  I couldn't bear to through the cute little scrap triangles away.  Guess I'll have to do one more batch of triangles as I am one block short.

Look at these cute prints.  I'm glad I saved them and sewed them up.  Looks like the beginning of a cute little mug rug for yours truly.  :o)

Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Happy New Year

I doubt I will go out and celebrate tonight but you never know what kind of invitations the day will bring.  lol  Me and my friend Debbie usually spend New Year's Eve with our hubbies playing games and going to Downtown Fullerton where they close off the streets and have a fireworks display at midnight.  This year with Richard in Turkey, I think I'll just stay home and sew. 

Here is my big fireworks display....

I will say goodbye to 2013 with a thankful heart.  Even though my hubby left to go to another country to work, we have traveled to beautiful places I never even "thought" I would want to see much less have a chance to get there.  I have had a beautiful granddaughter and the bonus is she lives right here in my house so I can get my kisses and hug-fix any time I want. 

2014 will be exciting.  I will get to quit my job.  If I can stand to be away from little Emily for very long, I will go see Richard a few times this year and we will do have more traveling, mostly on the company's dime.  (Such a perk)

God Bless each and every one of you.  May you have a safe and Happy New Year and "prosperous" we can buy more fabric and craft stuff.  lol

Saturday, December 28, 2013

Celtic Solstice, Clue #1

Finally got started with the Bonnie Hunter mystery.  Feels so good to get behind the machine again. My "little distraction" is in San Diego this weekend so I can focus on sewing.  :-) 

Back to the sewing machine.  So many pieces!!!  I'll have to take another break in the sewing to take down Christmas so I've got to enjoy the break while I can.

Thursday, December 26, 2013

Poor neglected bloggy...

Maybe I should start a holiday blog.  Just stopping in to say Happy Thanksgiving and Merry Christmas!!!  I loaded these pictures about a week and a half ago but never got on to edit and write up a post.  So sorry friends.  Things should be looking up though with Christmas behind us now, I hope to be a little more blog-post-friendly.  :o)  Even though Christmas was yesterday, I'll still finish this post and then move on. 

Here's a picture of my Christmas tree with my many strings of lights.  It takes me a long time to put the lights on because I wrap them around each branch like the artificial trees are done.  I just love the way it looks so much better than just looping them around the outer branches of the tree.

Here is the outside of my little house.  I always joke about it looking like a 'runway'.  I got those big Christmas bulbs/lights from Michael's and I line the walkway with them.  I think it would be so cute to string them from the roof but I can't afford to buy that many.  

There was an itty-bitty bit of crafting done before Christmas.  I made this tulle Monster wreath for my friend's sons birthday party.  It's a Monsters Inc. theme and my oldest daughter saw this on Pinterest so I copied it.  It came out pretty good even though my glue gun melted the bottom of the eyeballs.  lol  I had to use tacky glue instead.

My son-in-law's sister bought our little Emily her first Christmas ornament.  Kind of funny because they are Jewish but she knows I celebrate Christmas and that we would have a tree.  Speaking of which, it is SO dry, I need to take it down already.  I want to be sewing but that has to take priority.  I think I'll sew a little, take down the tree, sew a little, take off the lights, sew a get the idea.  hehe

Speaking of little Emily, here she is at about 5 weeks old.  She started to smile on cue.  My goodness, this girl has us all wrapped around her little finger.  This is the reason there were no handmade ornaments this year and a lot less baking for the neighbors.  lol
I "finally" started the Celtic Solstice Mystery by Bonnie Hunter.  I'll share some of that tomorrow.  I hope you had a wonderful Christmas!